Sports Massage

Jason Croucher

Therapy Services Offered:
• Sports Massage 
• Breathing Coach

Having enrolled in a sports massage evening course in 1999, he quickly discovered a skill that he had a natural ability for. Recognising his talent, Jason’s tutor mentored him and helped to turn a hobby into a successful career.

To that end, he doesn’t feel like he has worked a day since then!

Jason is a people person, and loves the challenge that this profession presents. His clients have a wide range of issues, backgrounds, pain thresholds, and activity levels from sedentary office workers, to high end athletes, from farmers to builders, and each one presents a unique challenge and will receive a unique treatment, tailored to their individual needs.

​Jason is also an Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing coach and also trained in Anatomy in Motion (Gary Ward, ‘What the Foot).Jason is a black belt 2nd Dan in Jujitsu and is an open water swimmer, he has swum the English Channel twice as part of a 6 person and two person team. 

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