Reiki Healing

Rebecca Russell

Services Offered:
• Reiki Master
• Holistic Energy Practitioner

Reiki is a complimentary therapy originating from Japan. It promotes healing and wellbeing through increasing energy levels; encouraging relaxation; and reducing stress and anxiety.

I am pleased to offer reiki to adults and children, with specifically tailored sessions for under 16s. During a session I will spend time with you explaining the process and your body’s energy system before we start. You will be fully dressed, and in a comfortable resting position (either seated or lying down, whichever you prefer). We begin with breathing and meditation, before I channel healing through your body’s energy systems, set to music and candlelight.

A truly magical experience of deep relaxation.



Dominic Smith

Services Offered:
• Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki
• Energy Healing & Massage

Massage 60, 90 or 120 Minutes

I am trained in Aromatherapy and Holistic Massage – with 12 years experience. I specialise in relaxation and pain relief.

Energy Healings

Energy healings include information and advice individual to the client.

Reiki and Crystal Reiki 60 Minutes

I am a qualified Reiki Master – Teacher – 2012.

Reiki is a wonderful energy healing for mind body and soul. Instant relaxation, pain relief and regeneration – Reiki works with your body’s natural healing ability – speeding up recovery time. Reiki is fantastic for clearing your thoughts and giving you space to reset your mind and body.

I have held an interest in crystals since childhood and I now use them for crystal therapy combined with reiki healing.

Crystal Reiki uses traditional Reiki enhanced by the energy of crystals placed on the chakras.

Transformational Bodywork 60 Minutes

I am trained in Transformational bodywork, with 9 years experience.

Transformational Bodywork is a wonderful healing similar to Reiki but more comprehensive. This healing can clear past life blocks as well as heal on many levels.

Readings 60 Minutes

I am trained and experienced in Angel Oracle and Tarot Card readings.

Angel Oracle and Tarot readings are a great way to find confirmation of plans or to look at options to find the best pathway for you.



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