Well as you may know if you have seen me work at Wessex Health I make my own Colour Therapy sprays, linked not just to colour but angelic energy – particularly Archangel Metatron – on sale in reception at £14.99 each. Well last week I chose probably the hottest day of the year to make up the Red Crimson sprays – which just added to the heat all around! So, with temperatures nudging near 80° here on the south coast of England and not even the sea breezes sweeping in to have cooled me down Red maybe wasn’t the coolest colour to be immersed in…….

It got Archangel Metatron chatting to me about colour and reminding me how we can use it to keep not just cool in hot weather, but also even tempered and balanced in our emotional life too. But first back to red… Red is the densest wavelength of light from the sun and the longest. It provokes a reaction in the body – blood pressure can rise, hearts can beat faster, adrenaline can pump, sexuality can be enhanced – and yes it can raise body temperature too.

Seeing Red…

I was reminded when preparing the sprays that the message that goes with this bottle is all about looking after and appreciating our bodies:

“Search not for physical perfection, but inner balance and health. Your blood, your bones, your physical organs just as much a part of you in this lifetime as your soul that resides within its temporary home. But yet look after that home – your body – whatever its state, however you have been born or are now – look after it, nurture it. Do not hide it, be ashamed of it – but love it for you are it and it is you. Look at yourself, truly look at yourself and see all of you – not just the bits you like, but the bits you don’t – and then make peace with them, and love them too.

For if you don’t love your body, who will? Within the crimson light we have life itself – the heart pumping and the blood flowing – the energy you need to run and jump and dance and breathe… Crimson light within you – and expanding out of you – its power and strength capable of transforming your home, your finances, your health, your support and safety within this world.

Breathe in the crimson light and let it travel where it needs to travel within you. Spray it around you and feel its protection, and sense of solidity”.

In summer we all enjoy hopefully some time off from regular duties. And along with that time off comes often a relaxing of regimes that keep our bodies fit and healthy. We may be on holiday and be indulging more, doing less exercise etc. I live by the sea and the number of people who you see with painful burnt skin despite all the warnings is extraordinary – not to care about your skin, or your body that needs more water and just let it burn and dehydrate – not very loving to ourselves is it!

The Crimson spray relates to the Base Chakra and summer is unfortunately a time when our bodies can and do suffer – from stomach upsets when we are away, to inflammation and swelling from the heat etc. I am increasingly teaching in my Colour Therapy work that is important to use complimentary colours together. So if your body is screaming ‘Please look after me, I don’t feel well’ – the red energy will help feed the physical aspect of you – whether in sore muscles, back ache, lethargy, bugs picked up whilst travelling etc – but using it together with GREEN – it’s complimentary colour takes it to a whole new level. It helps balance the fire of Red, and brings the body back into perfect balance. Ideally to use Red and Green together (two choices within the Metatron range of Lime or Emerald) really helps support the body and recharges it and promotes greater health.

You can use either the Lime Green or the Emerald – just see which you are drawn to….



The cool blues are also lovely to use also at this time of year – and within the sprays there are three to choose from:

Bluebell Bridge – a soft pastel blue that helps you when feeling loss or grief (and this can be in relation to anything)

Sapphire Blue – for Finding Inner Peace

Aquamarine – For the Throat Chakra – helpful for communication issues, sore throats, ears, being heard etc, and balancing emotion.


All of them are soothing, cleansing, refreshing, and above all cooling……

Of course you cannot drink the sprays, they are only for external use but you can make up some solarised water by filling eg a blue glass with water and leaving it in sunlight for up to an hour or more – the properties of the blue ray will be infused into the water eg. cooling, strengthening, protecting etc.

Being in water is of course so healing as well. I am going to France this summer and will be swimming in the lakes near Lake Annecy and will be not just swimming in their waters but viewing it as a meditative experience and one where the water heals body and soul.

White of course is also a good colour – both in terms of what to wear, visualise, and spray around you.  White reflects heat – think of all those beautiful while villas in Spain, Greece and other hot countries – white cools and soothes. It is also very protective and will reflect back feelings and emotions of others that you may otherwise pick up – which is why it is so good as a therapeutic colour to wear whilst teaching / healing etc.

I wish you a happy summer and will be back with more colour tips next Month.

All sprays mentioned here are available at reception at Wessex or via my website.  They all contain solarised water, essential oils and a vodka preservative base.