Have you ever wondered what a Nutritional Therapist packs in her suitcase when she’s off on her travels? No…? Well, read on for some nutritional travel tips on how to protect your skin from the sun, deal with annoying insects or prevent traveller’s diarrhoea… or just to be nosey!

Sun Protection

Being half Swedish and half Scottish (or Swottish as I like to call myself), I have fair skin and a tendency to burn. My preference is to cover up in the sun, but when I am exposed, I like to wear a natural (free from nasty chemicals) sun cream with an SPF15 or above. I always apply plenty of cream before I go out and reapply regularly, especially after swimming. My favourite brands are Aloe Pura, Green People, Lovea and MyChelle.

After sun exposure I like to use aloe vera gel by the bucket load! I keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation. I also make sure that I hydrate properly by drinking coconut water throughout the day and when I get home.

A good way to protect the skin from the inside is to take a kind of red algae called astaxanthin. Salmon and flamingos feed on astaxanthin, which gives them their beautiful pink colour. I usually take this product at least a month before going away to help prevent burning and sun damage.

If you are a sufferer of prickly heat then I have found stinging nettle (urtica) tincture to be helpful. Drinking nettle tea may also help. Brew the teabag and let the liquid cool. Enjoy as a long drink with some ice.

Mosquitoes et al

Those annoying bugs can ruin a long anticipated holiday. Natural remedies that have helped me in the past include a vitamin B complex, particularly B1, and garlic capsules. A spray containing citronella essential oil can help to repel mosquitoes and midges. Choose one that doesn’t contain chemicals. Always dilute essential oils before applying them to the skin. A good tip is to add a couple of drops of citronella to your after sun lotion.

Tummy Trouble

If you are planning a special trip to a faraway destination, it would be wise to think of your digestive health. Food poisoning is very common and prevention is key. I always take a high strength probiotic capsule (good bacteria) a week before I go away, for the duration of my holiday and for a couple of weeks after I get home. I also like to have a few items with me just in case I need them. These include grapefruit seed extract, psyllium husks and saccharomyces boulardii, which can help with loose bowels/diarrhoea. Ginger is good for nausea/travel sickness, a digestive enzyme and milk thistle complex would be helpful if you plan to overindulge.

Happy holidays!

If you are taking medication, please seek medical advice before trying any of the remedies mentioned. For further information on Nutritional Therapy, please contact Sara Hughes on 07748 567163 or email