Reiki is a Japanese technique and is based on the idea that a life force energy flows through us. If this energy is low, we are more likely to be affected by stress and illness and if it is high, we are more likely to be well.

The word Reiki is formed by two Japanese words, Rei, which means ‘God’s wisdom or the higher power’ and Ki, which means ‘life force energy’. Reiki is therefore said to be ‘spiritually guided life force energy’.

During the treatment the therapist lays her hands on your body in specific places. There is no need to undress as Reiki will pass through clothing. Reiki treats you as a whole person – emotionally, spiritually and physically. You may feel an immediate sense of calm, relaxation and well-being.

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Geraldine Brown


My name is Geraldine Brown and I am a professionally qualified and experienced Complementary Therapist.  I am the owner/therapist at Halcyon Complementary Therapies.  I offer […]

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