Pilates was developed in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates and has developed into the popular form of exercise which it is today.

Pilates is all about quality not quantity of exercise and developing core strength is at its roots. Our core muscles are situated deep within the abdomen and back and they support and control our spinal movement. We need good core strength for optimum limb function too. Good core strength is important in the management of low back pain.

One of the great things about pilates is that it is so beneficial to such a wide variety of people, regardless of age or fitness level. Pilates is of benefit to athletes and dancers as well as those wanting to just improve their general fitness. The thought of breaking sweat in the gym or going for a run may not appeal, but we all benefit from regular exercise and pilates could be just right for you. The exercises used within the pilates method are adaptable so that they are appropriate for anyone to do. Many people report feeling stronger and leaner and that they are able to move more easily following regular attendance at classes.

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Jane Stevenson

Jane has been teaching Pilates since 2005 having trained with the Pilates Institute to Level 3.  She started her […]

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